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Friday Favorites!

Posted on: August 4, 2012

I have noticed the Friday Favorites trend on other blogs, so I felt like this would be a good post to start off on!

1. Bubble Necklaces

1. Bubble Necklaces

I am OBSESSED with bubble necklaces from J.Crew. I have 2 of these from J.Crew – the turqiouse and the yellow. I am dying to have a pink and a white one, but I am looking for some more afforadble options for those two.
Where have y’all purchased awesome bubble necklaces?

2. Southern Proper “Frat Hat” in Island Green

For those of you that don’t know, I am also obsessed with Southern Proper.  I absolutely adore the local fratty brands store in my area, and I fell in love with this hat immediately.  I already have the salmon, but this green is just so bright.  The picture does not do it justice.  Beware – the beau in your life may try to steal it!  I know my little brother has already claimed mine and is wearing it as we speak!

3. Treat Receipts!

It’s treat receipt time at Starbucks, which is great for addicts like me! Buy a drink in the morning, and then return after 2 p.m. for a grande frozen drink for only $2.00!  Can’t beat that!

What are your Friday Favorites?  Are they the same as mine? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Seersucker Sass

3 Responses to "Friday Favorites!"

Etsy has the CUTEST bubble necklaces. I’m ordering a couple right when I get paid next week! 🙂
Love that so pro hat! I want.

I will have to check Etsy! Can you believe I’ve never ordered anything from there? I just get so distracted! Haha

The hat is seriously amazing. You will look even tanner than you are 🙂 it’s the perfect green ; )

Good post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

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