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Posted on: October 8, 2012

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the busiest semester I have ever had.  With Panhellenic and sorority commitments, planning homecoming, and my classes, I barely have time to breath, much less sleep.  I attempt to be in a positive mood, despite my sleep deprivation and the fact that I have given up on having time to fix my hair again until Homecoming is over.  I have become more appreciative of the simplest things – a 15 minute nap, having the door held open for me when my hands are full, a day when I don’t wake up to 10+ text messages, a bowl of ice cream scooped by my roommate. 

Lately, I have felt as though everyone wants to give me advice and attempt to ruin those simple pleasures in life.  One example is my (lack of) relationship status.  I have been seeing someone on & off for almost a year and a half now.  We’re both busy people, so while a lack of time to see each other and communicate is frustrating, I understand why it has to be like that.  I put school first, so why should I expect someone to do anything differently?  However, when I express my excitement over small steps in the relationship to others in my life, I’m not met with a “yay!  that is so great!  I’m glad that you’re happy!”.  It’s more of a “you should push him into a relationship without being pushy” or “I dated someone in the same situation and we made time for each other, so I know that it can work.”  Or when I express a simple frustration of how I wish we could see each other more, I get a “You can do so much better than that.” 

Just today, I made a comment about doing something and someone immediately gave me a suggestion of what to do instead. The ironic part was that it was a situation that they had caused me.  I never asked for advice on the situation, and their comment was definitely not the best solution to the issue.  I was even more frustrated by the whole situation than I was to begin with.

Its human nature to be quick to judge a situation.  However, one of the biggest things that these experiences lately have taught me is to catch myself before I speak on a situation that I’m not a part of, unless I am asked for my opinion.  And even then, I need to remember to present my opinion in the nicest way possible.  I don’t appreciate being told what to do or the ever present “You can do so much better,” so why would I ever tell someone else that?  Our goal should never be to bring people down, but instead to life them up!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday!  Expect a new post soon 🙂



1 Response to "Advice"

This tends to happen to me with my friends as well. We have known each other since we were small children but as we have grown up, they are very different from me and we often dont see eye to eye on things yet they are always waiting on edge to interject their opinions on what is wrong or what should be different. Reading your post reminded me of two quotes I always try to keep in mind when tables are turned and I don’t necessarily agree with them:

“When you handle yourself, use your head; when you handle others, use your heart.” -Donna Reed

“Keep the other person’s well being in mind when you feel an attack of soul-purging truth coming on.” -Betty White

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