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Hi there, friends!  If you’re looking for me, I’ve moved!

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I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the busiest semester I have ever had.  With Panhellenic and sorority commitments, planning homecoming, and my classes, I barely have time to breath, much less sleep.  I attempt to be in a positive mood, despite my sleep deprivation and the fact that I have given up on having time to fix my hair again until Homecoming is over.  I have become more appreciative of the simplest things – a 15 minute nap, having the door held open for me when my hands are full, a day when I don’t wake up to 10+ text messages, a bowl of ice cream scooped by my roommate. 

Lately, I have felt as though everyone wants to give me advice and attempt to ruin those simple pleasures in life.  One example is my (lack of) relationship status.  I have been seeing someone on & off for almost a year and a half now.  We’re both busy people, so while a lack of time to see each other and communicate is frustrating, I understand why it has to be like that.  I put school first, so why should I expect someone to do anything differently?  However, when I express my excitement over small steps in the relationship to others in my life, I’m not met with a “yay!  that is so great!  I’m glad that you’re happy!”.  It’s more of a “you should push him into a relationship without being pushy” or “I dated someone in the same situation and we made time for each other, so I know that it can work.”  Or when I express a simple frustration of how I wish we could see each other more, I get a “You can do so much better than that.” 

Just today, I made a comment about doing something and someone immediately gave me a suggestion of what to do instead. The ironic part was that it was a situation that they had caused me.  I never asked for advice on the situation, and their comment was definitely not the best solution to the issue.  I was even more frustrated by the whole situation than I was to begin with.

Its human nature to be quick to judge a situation.  However, one of the biggest things that these experiences lately have taught me is to catch myself before I speak on a situation that I’m not a part of, unless I am asked for my opinion.  And even then, I need to remember to present my opinion in the nicest way possible.  I don’t appreciate being told what to do or the ever present “You can do so much better,” so why would I ever tell someone else that?  Our goal should never be to bring people down, but instead to life them up!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday!  Expect a new post soon 🙂



Something that you all should know about me is that I’m a huge nerd about things.  I love politics, conservative politics to be exact.  I’ve been watching the GOP convention, which is what inspired this polyvore creation.
Election Essentials
What do you all think?  What will you be wearing this election season?  I wanna know!

While on my way to work a sorority life booth, I was asked by a student organization to fill out a card and enter to win a $50 gift card.  I am usually that annoying student asking people to fill out a card (I was actually on my way to do just that), so I obliged.  I didn’t think much about it.

On my way home, I received a phone call from a local number.  I usually don’t answer, but for some reason I did.  The lady on the phone was a table leader for Journey, the Emmaus walk I went on this May that changed my life.  She asked me if I would like to meet with her the next day, so we made plans for lunch.

I met her on campus in a secluded area of the building where all students hang out.  She asked about Recruitment, but then we were down to business.  She started asking me lots of questions, which made me nervous.  My table leader knows that this is new to me, so she keeps her Christ related questions light (well as light as they can be, I suppose.)  I’m used to being asked how Jesus and I are doing this week, or how I view Jesus (strict?  lenient? etc.)  She starts asking me if I know how to get to Heaven and what do I say when I get there.  I am thrown for a loop.  I had never even thought of that.  I start to feel dumb, which I hate.  I can’t handle being put on the spot.  I can feel my face turning red and like I’m some kind of disappointment.

I’ve always thought that if I try to live my life right and ask for forgiveness, I should be able to go to Heaven.  However, I was told that no matter what I do, I can’t get into Heaven based off of that.  However, I’m lucky.  Jesus died for me.  He took a spot on the cross where I deserved (and still do deserve) to be.  I can’t get into Heaven based on my own acts, but I can get into Heaven because the Lamb of God died for me.  As a planner, I’m relieved to know what to say when I get to the pearly gates.  But more importantly, I’m thankful that she explained it to me in a way that I had never thought of.  When the conversation was done, I bawled my eyes out.

My friend talked me into going to the Campus Crusade BBQ after my Senate meeting.  All of my friends were doing things that seemed so fun.  My Student Government friends were going to get pizza and beer and then go to our university’s soccer game.  I wanted to bond with them.  My recruitment counselor friends were all going to get free food at the soccer game, stay for a bit, and then go to the bar.  I hadn’t been out in forever, and again, I wanted to bond.  However, I reminded myself that I had made a committment, so I headed off to the Cru house.

 I was late and the first person there, which terrified me.  I clung close to my friend.  This wasn’t my element.  People asked me questions about myself, and I started to feel better.  I realized that a lot of people that worked for Cru have some kind of business degree, which is what I will have (in December!! EEK!!)  I sat in an area where I knew no one.  And at that point, I was beyond thankful for my sorority girl background.  I had been trained to talk to people, so that is what I did.

I learned about everyone.  I learned their majors, where they were from, what they wanted to do.  We talked about tattoos and cornhole.  We shared our favorite verses.  We all swapped contact information.

When the event ended, I was almost sad to leave.  I left in a good mood and I felt relaxed.  I had spent my entire college career avoiding campus ministries because of their disapproval of sorority life.  However, the members of Campus Crusade accepted me for who I was.

I am bummed because my table group from Journey meets the same time as Cru, but I know that God will lead me where I need to be.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the last semester of my senior year.

Are you involved in campus ministries?  I wanna hear all about it!



I don’t know about y’all, but where I live in the South it is HOT.  I decided to live on campus this year because I thought it would be more convenient with all of my involvement.  Living on campus means that I walk everywhere in this heat.  One of the solutions has been to skip a few steps in my beauty routine, so that my makeup doesn’t literally melt down my face.  Here are my essentials:Makeup Must Haves
I start out by using Smashbox’s green primer.  My skin has a red undertone to it, so it helps blend that out.
I apply some powder after that, just because my skin is oily.
The next step is NARS Laguna bronzer.  I have the duo of Laguna/Orgasm, but I haven’t been wearing blush lately.  When I’m doing a full face, I’ll use a Smashbox highlighter to put some shimmer on my cheek bones.
I prime my eyes with Urban Decay’s primer before putting on my eyeshadow.  Also, I’m a big fan of gel eyeliner.  It goes on so much easier, and having the primer under it is a big help.  The last step is mascara… I am OBSESSED with Givenchy mascara.  It is worth the money.  I have Bambi lashes, and the best part is that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.
I love a nice, neutral gloss.  I have a pinkish one from NARS, but I picked up a peachy one from Revlon that does the trick.
What are your beauty secrets for summer?  I’d love to know!

WOO HOO!  Seersucker Sass might be graduating after all.  Today was my last first day of undergrad and it is bittersweet.  I get a little bit more nervous each day.  But I am thankful that God has a plan for me.

Last night, Josh Turner played at my university.  It was amazing!  I had planned on going with the other recruitment counselors, but no one was ready to go yet and I was already at the concert.  I ran into a friend and went with him to the volunteer booth backstage to wait things out.  However, there were all sorts of issues, and since I am on student government I was handed a wrist band, a concert t-shirt, and a waiver.  Thank goodness I had read and signed the waiver earlier on in the week, because there was no time for me to pull my usual pre-law shenanigan of reading the entire thing.  Here is what I had planned on wearing, except the shirt was a chambray stripe from J.Crew!

Concert Attire 8/26/12

My glamorous job ended up being working the backstage entrance.  This meant having to tell drunken fraternity men (ha, just kidding.  These were your stereotypical disrespectful frat boys) that they weren’t special and actually had to go in with all of the other students.

Finally, the student in charge of concerts took me and my friends on a ride on the Gator!  I was promoted from backstage security to handing out frisbees into the crowd.  I also got to watch Josh Turner from the side stage, which I loved!  I guess as a dancer, I’ve gotten used to watching from the side at recitals and such.  Its such an intimate view, because the audience you’re performing to is in front of you.  For anyone that’s curious, Josh Turner’s crew are some of the nicest people on earth.  They complimented us, and even tipped us for picking up his order from Bojangles.

After all of that, this sleepy girl helped tear things down, then moved a couple of things into my new dorm.  This morning I kept waking up, so afraid I’d miss my first class!  My roommate is so sweet and quiet in the morning, which I’m thankful for.  I called my daddy before my first class, which set a great tone for my day!  Except now, I am exhausted.  3 classes got to me, and I’m spending the night at home because my body is so achy from doing physical labor yesterday.  I’m thankful though, because its a sign that I’m getting stronger!  Here was today’s outfit.  Again, with my favorite yellow bubble necklace and all from J.Crew.  I have a slight addiction! (Note:  I do a lot of my shopping at the J.Crew outlet, and its hard to find items from there on polyvore.  This is inspired by my outfit.)

First day of class! 8/27/12

What are y’all wearing on the first day of classes!  Have a great week!



Well it has been a very long week, but I will give you all some highlights.

1. I am no longer without a housing assignment!  Woo Hoo!  I will be living with my sorority sisters and couldn’t be happier about that.  I want to enjoy every last minute with them before I enter the dreaded big girl world.  Yikes!  It is hard to imagine what I’m going to do when I’m in law school and know no one, since I’m used to seeing at least 10 sisters a day during the school year.

2. 14 days to bid day!  It seems like the longest 14 days of my life.  Having my little or grandlittle look my direction and not be able to speak to them breaks my heart. 

3. Which leads me to point 3.  Part of my role as a Recruitment Counselor is to work move-in day.  I am not a morning person by any means, so when I found out that I had to be at my university at 5:45 a.m., I was pretty sure this was a sick joke.  But it wasn’t, so I got my self up, and even made it 3 minutes early.  One thing I have really become aware of about myself is the way that I act when I’m in a bad mood.  You could offer me a free trip to anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, and I would still find something to complain about.  This is something I don’t like about myself, so I have been working on it a lot.  To my surpirse, I managed to stay in a positive mood.  When others around me whined, I put a positive spin on things and went about my way.  I made sure all of the girls knew how much they were appreciated, and tried to let them leave and get breakfast diplomatically.  I was pleased with how the day went, but definitely ready to crash afterwards.

4. I had a meeting with my Journey Reunion Group this week and it was just what I needed.  Its nice to spend time with other women who went on a journey to find a deep relationship with Christ.  One of the girls is planning a wedding for next August!  Its just amazing to bond with people who have hearts like mine.

5. One of my best friends is expecting twins! Today she found the most beautiful wedding dress.  Since I couldn’t be there, she sent me pictures.  I am in love with her dress and couldn’t be happier for her.  I am just hoping that she will be able to find the financial means to cover the rest of the $700 dress.

6. I was able to catch up with one of my best friends this week and get sushi!  Since I lived almost an hour away from all of my friends and generally had to close at work on half-price sushi day, this was a treat for me!  Its nice to be able to take a break from such a crazy schedule

7. There was a devastating loss in my hometown this week.  Please keep them in your prayers.  It is devastating when any life is lost, especially someone that is so successful and such an example.

That is basically it.  What have y’all been into this week?  Hope everyone has a great start back to school!



Its that time of the year again… Back to school!  I don’t know about you, but this is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I can’t even explain how much I love it – the weather, fall fashions, warm Starbucks orders, Recruitment – you name it! 

While packing up to move, I realized I was in a slight conundrum… I have no way of carrying my books!  Every year I use my sorority’s bid day bag as a book bag, but this year since I am a recruitment counselor, I won’t be receiving that until September 9 (trust me, I am counting down the days.) 

Here are my picks for a new bookbag!

1. Lilly Pulitzer Tote


My cousin bought me a bag similar to this for my 21st birthday!  It is so convenient for carrying books and binders.  A lot of bags make me super nervous because I’m afraid that I’ll ruin them, but this one has been so sturdy.

P.S. – They have matching wallets, phone cases, cell covers, tumblers, etc.  If you’re matchy-matchy like I am, this is perfection!

2. Longchamp Le Pliage


I picked one of these up while in Vegas last September.  I LOVE it, to say the least.  I am so messy and always running late, so I have a bad habit of carrying food with me and leaving it in my bag.  You can easily wipe off whatever mess you might get on the bag.  I accidentally got some crumbs in there and used the suction tool on my vacuum to clean it out.

P.S. – Check out the Longchamp key chains!  I have one that is to die for.

3. L.L. Bean Monogrammed Backpack


The classic – an L.L. Bean Monogrammed backpack.  For when you want something a little more functional and a little less cutesy. 

P.S. – They last forever.  I still have my hot pink one from middle school and you better believe I still carry it!

What are your favorite back to school bags?




I’m sure by this point we’ve all heard the story of Chicken Little.  A sweet little chicken with a bad case of anxiety who always thinks the sky is falling.  I will never forget when I was having a crisis and venting to my friend Jon, who told me “Slow down, Chicken Little!  The sky isn’t falling yet”  I try to remind myself this in every situation.

I’ve been taking a summer class and I am not a strong math student.  At all.  Like I have no idea how I’ve gotten this far and have gotten through my math classes with A’s and B’s.  I am scheduled to graduate in December, however, if I don’t pass this summer class I will be taking a “victory lap” and graduating in May.  To be completely honest, my brain is exhausted and the only thing getting me through has been the fact that I’ll have a 7 month break before law school.

Well, it turns out I have a C- in the class.  I don’t make C’s, but I just needed a C to pass.  And I was going to take that and be happy with it.  But realizing I hadn’t passed the class put me into some major depression and it seemed like everything kept going downhill.  My housing situation depended on my graduation status (I still don’t know where I’m living.)  I have a chronic illness that decided to act up.  I forgot my best friend’s birthday.  My piece of junk computer crashed.  I was behind on my dues.  I realized that being a Recruitment Counselor meant I wouldn’t be seeing my sisters until September.  I got mad at God because I couldn’t understand why his plan and my plan didn’t match up and I didn’t know why he would want me to be in such distress.

Finally, I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t graduating on time.  I decided I would take more legal studies classes to fill the extra spaces and try to pick up an internship.  I bonded with my fellow Recruitment Counselors.  I emailed our treasurer and explained the situation.  She was beyond understanding and I even managed to make a payment.  I decided I would get involved with Relay again in the spring, as it is something that is so near and dear to my heart. And I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Today I got an email from my professor allowing me to re-take a take home exam.  Basically, if I can boost my score a little, I will get my C (at least) and graduate on time!  And now that I actually understand how to do the work, I have faith that I can.  I still have no idea where I’m living in the fall, but that will work itself out.  If worse comes to worse I’ll sleep in our chapter room until everything works itself out.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!  And remember, just because its gloomy out, it doesn’t mean the sky is falling!



I have an hour-long drive to work, and I spend the first part of it praying it. I live in the middle of nowhere, and it is absolutely beautiful. There are trees and flowers, farms and baby animals. You can see God at work.

I always close my prayers with the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

I had never thought about how powerful that second line was – Grant me the courage to change the things I can. Not “God, please fix everything wrong in the world,” but asking him to give us courage to change things that are wrong in the world.

I am (hopefully) graduating from college in December. This took a lot of prayer and thought – did I want to have two easy semesters for my senior year or did I want to graduate on time in December? After much prayer, I decided that I needed to be courageous and graduate on time in December. I didn’t need to let my fear of the uncertain (where I would be attending law school? what would I do for 7 months before law school? will I find a half lease?) stop me from reaching my goal of graduating on time.

This summer I went on the Journey put on by the Emmaus Community. My little sponsored me, paying for me to spend a weekend with no outside influences. Just God, my table group, and myself. I can’t even begin to tell you how much the event changed my life. It is hard enough to beg God for forgiveness and truly accept him into your life. But to have the courage to be a vision of God in a world that lacks him tacks much more courage. One thing that really sticks out in my mind is a talk given by the director of the event who spoke about showing the love of Jesus to everyone we come in contact with. I try to remember this at all times, especially at work or when I see people that I don’t really care for that I would usually glare at and then go on.

Right now, I am very interested in getting involved in prison ministries. To be honest, I am kind of intimidated. Actually, that is an understatement. I am terrified. In my mind, I envision these hard looking women with tattoos and mean faces that killed their husbands and could probably snap me in half. I know I shouldn’t make assumptions, and most of the women are probably in jail for minor drug offenses and DUIs. However, God has really been laying this on my heart. I pray every day for Him to give me courage and means to become involved. I can’t think of a better place to go to show the love of Jesus.

When was a time when you surprised yourself be being courageous? I’d love to hear!


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