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WOO HOO!  Seersucker Sass might be graduating after all.  Today was my last first day of undergrad and it is bittersweet.  I get a little bit more nervous each day.  But I am thankful that God has a plan for me.

Last night, Josh Turner played at my university.  It was amazing!  I had planned on going with the other recruitment counselors, but no one was ready to go yet and I was already at the concert.  I ran into a friend and went with him to the volunteer booth backstage to wait things out.  However, there were all sorts of issues, and since I am on student government I was handed a wrist band, a concert t-shirt, and a waiver.  Thank goodness I had read and signed the waiver earlier on in the week, because there was no time for me to pull my usual pre-law shenanigan of reading the entire thing.  Here is what I had planned on wearing, except the shirt was a chambray stripe from J.Crew!

Concert Attire 8/26/12

My glamorous job ended up being working the backstage entrance.  This meant having to tell drunken fraternity men (ha, just kidding.  These were your stereotypical disrespectful frat boys) that they weren’t special and actually had to go in with all of the other students.

Finally, the student in charge of concerts took me and my friends on a ride on the Gator!  I was promoted from backstage security to handing out frisbees into the crowd.  I also got to watch Josh Turner from the side stage, which I loved!  I guess as a dancer, I’ve gotten used to watching from the side at recitals and such.  Its such an intimate view, because the audience you’re performing to is in front of you.  For anyone that’s curious, Josh Turner’s crew are some of the nicest people on earth.  They complimented us, and even tipped us for picking up his order from Bojangles.

After all of that, this sleepy girl helped tear things down, then moved a couple of things into my new dorm.  This morning I kept waking up, so afraid I’d miss my first class!  My roommate is so sweet and quiet in the morning, which I’m thankful for.  I called my daddy before my first class, which set a great tone for my day!  Except now, I am exhausted.  3 classes got to me, and I’m spending the night at home because my body is so achy from doing physical labor yesterday.  I’m thankful though, because its a sign that I’m getting stronger!  Here was today’s outfit.  Again, with my favorite yellow bubble necklace and all from J.Crew.  I have a slight addiction! (Note:  I do a lot of my shopping at the J.Crew outlet, and its hard to find items from there on polyvore.  This is inspired by my outfit.)

First day of class! 8/27/12

What are y’all wearing on the first day of classes!  Have a great week!



I have noticed the Friday Favorites trend on other blogs, so I felt like this would be a good post to start off on!

1. Bubble Necklaces

1. Bubble Necklaces

I am OBSESSED with bubble necklaces from J.Crew. I have 2 of these from J.Crew – the turqiouse and the yellow. I am dying to have a pink and a white one, but I am looking for some more afforadble options for those two.
Where have y’all purchased awesome bubble necklaces?

2. Southern Proper “Frat Hat” in Island Green

For those of you that don’t know, I am also obsessed with Southern Proper.  I absolutely adore the local fratty brands store in my area, and I fell in love with this hat immediately.  I already have the salmon, but this green is just so bright.  The picture does not do it justice.  Beware – the beau in your life may try to steal it!  I know my little brother has already claimed mine and is wearing it as we speak!

3. Treat Receipts!

It’s treat receipt time at Starbucks, which is great for addicts like me! Buy a drink in the morning, and then return after 2 p.m. for a grande frozen drink for only $2.00!  Can’t beat that!

What are your Friday Favorites?  Are they the same as mine? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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